GW2 Commerce Assistant

Download GW2 Commerce Assistant:

Hello my fellow GW2 economy enthusiasts! For quite a while now, I have been using a piece of software I developed that helps me to determine short-term items to flip as quickly as possible.

When I first got into playing the market, I always had a hard time figuring out which items to go for, and to make matters worse, I wasn’t a very patient person when it came to waiting for items to buy and sell. By analyzing GW2Spidy, and keeping VERY close records I was able to find these types of items, but the process always took more time that what I’d actually spend playing the game (and a whole lot of spreadsheets).

I decided to make a piece of software that does all that legwork for me, and now that I’m sure that it works, I want to share it with all of you! I call it the GW2 Commerce Assistant, and you can download and install it here: This software will monitor the trading post and guesstimate the rates at which items are buying and selling. Based on that info, along with the profit margin, it will tell you which items to invest in. The monitor resets every time you load the program, so there is no long-term investment data: only the current data for items that can be quickly flipped.

When starting it for the first time, or any time that ANet updates GW2’s item list, it will need to download the latest item definitions. Depending on your internet connection, I’ve seen this process last anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes (I put some progress labels in there though, so you can see it actually downloading).  Once the application opens, you will see all sorts of filters you can adjust to filter out certain items depending on your flipping preferences. When you are ready click the “Start Monitor” button. It will take a full minute for it to initialize all the trading data. All of the items will appear in the data grid, but it will take another minute before it starts calculating its score. Item’s with the highest score typically have the best chances of making you the quickest profit. This data can all be exported to a CSV for use in Excel by clicking the “Export to CSV” button. For advanced users, you can change the equation that calculates the score by clicking on the Score Equation button. By doing this, you can create your own equations that will give you the resulting scores that you think are best.

The GW2 Commerce Assistant has another tab at the top next to Item Flipper called Salvage Flipper. By clicking the Refresh price data button, it will list all the pieces of armor and weapons that can be bought, salvaged, then have the runes and sigils sold for more. The Instant Profit is the profit you’d get for doing this when buying and selling instantly. It is very rare that these numbers are positive, but when they are, it is worth quickly capitalizing on. The long-term profit is under the assumption that you are putting in buy and sell orders (I know it’s not much of a long-term, but like I said earlier, I’m impatient 😊).

If you have any feature ideas, or come across any bugs, feel free to let me know. I am incredibly excited to be releasing this to you all and am really looking forward to seeing the various settings and equations you guys use to get the best results. Happy flipping!